Neocaridina heteropoda info

Basic Info

Scientific Name: Neocaridina heteropoda
Type: Fresh water invertebrate
Family: Atyidae
Origin: Cina meridionale, Taiwan e Vietnam
Max length: 3.5 cm
Tank minimum length: 30 cm
Tank minimum volume: 15 lit
Temperature: 18 - 24 C
pH: 6 - 7
gH: 3 - 10
Water flow: Medium flowing water
Preferred tank level: Bottom


Small freshwater crustacean, peaceful and quiet. There are many varieties selected in captivity (of which the most famous is the so-called "Red Cherry", with its vibrant red color), which is not recommended for breeding together to prevent hybridization and subsequent loss of color. It can be breed even in very small tanks.
It requires clean, fresh water, with lots of plants and hiding places. It can not stand long high concentrations of nitrates. It feeds mainly on algae and, if there is brought together, waste food fish, but at least once or twice a week, diet must be supplemented with appropriate feed for shrimps and/or small amounts of blanched zucchini.
It should not be kept with much larger or aggressive tankmates.
Reproduction is very simple: the female releases up to a hundred tiny shrimp (about two to three millimeters in length) perfectly self-sufficient, which feed the same things they eat as adults. Caution is advised about breeding it with other Neocaridina species as they may be unpleasant hybridization.


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The minimum size of the tanks shown are intended, depending on the species considered, for a single individual, a couple or the smaller group of individuals for schooling fish. Depending on fish temper, territoriality, or vivacity, breeding with other animals of the same species or different species may require larger tanks.
Main picture usually shows adults. Depending on the age and sex, there may be significant variations in the color of the specimens.

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