Pterapogon kauderni info

Basic Info

Scientific Name: Pterapogon kauderni
Common name: Banggai cardinal fish
Type: Salt water fish
Family: Apogonidae
Origin zone: Western Central Pacific
Origin: Isole Banggai, Indonesia
Max length: 8 cm
Tank minimum length: 80 cm
Tank minimum volume: 100 lit
pH: 8 - 8
kH: 9 - 14
Density: 1021 - 1023
Water flow: Medium flowing water
Preferred tank level: Bottom-Middle


Small nightly fish with a very distinctive shape. Peaceful and shy. Must be kept in pairs because of the strong territoriality and aggression between animals of the same sex, it is possible to keep more than two animals only in very large tanks. Requires many hiding and, because of its slowness and static lifestyle, must not be associated with fast, aggressive or voracious tankmates. It feeds easily with krill, mysis, plankton frozen and microgranulated food suitable for marine fish. It is an oral incubator, pretty easy to reproduce in captivity. The male, one month after the coupling, delivers up to 40 youth like small adults, able to feed themselves without difficulty.

Information contributed by: Gruppo Acquariofilo Fiorentino

FTL ID: 783 Last update: 2012-11-17 03:12:37


The minimum size of the tanks shown are intended, depending on the species considered, for a single individual, a couple or the smaller group of individuals for schooling fish. Depending on fish temper, territoriality, or vivacity, breeding with other animals of the same species or different species may require larger tanks.
Main picture usually shows adults. Depending on the age and sex, there may be significant variations in the color of the specimens.

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