Lemna minor

Basic Info

Scientific Name: Lemna minor (Hydrophace minor, Lemna minima, Lemna minima, Lemna minor, Lemna minor, Lem...)
Type: Fresh water plant
Family: Lemnaceae
Origin: Europe, West Africa, Asia, North America, Central America
Temperature: 5 - 25 C
Growth rate: Fast
Lighting: Medium to high


Lemna minor is a fast growing floating plant.
It absorbs a huge amount of nutrients (ammonium, nitrite and nitrate) and thanks to them grows very quickly, so as to be considered infesting.

It 'a easy to keep, suitable for all aquariums, but its growth should be monitored because it can shadows away all the light to the plants below.

Attention: once inserted in the tank is almost impossible to eliminate it, because it remains always some small plant that begins to multiply. Anyway control it is easy: just remove it with a net from the surface when it expands too much.

Information contributed by: Fish Tank Lab Staff (http://www.mgshareware.com)


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